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Steampunk earrings [Tutorial]


06 Apr Steampunk earrings [Tutorial]

Today we bring you a fantastic tutorial for making earrings Steampunk.

To start, you will need to wire, the more unique and personalized is the wire color , best.

For gears, It is likely that you need antique clocks for example. What also is can do is go to a store and buy a car's remote control cheap, Although some of them carry plastic bearings.

And we are going with the manufacture of Steampunk


Once have the materials for the manufacture of earrings we will proceed in the following way, cutting the wires to a proportion similar to the following:


We are going by wrapping fine wire and placing some gears:


We cut the ropes thoroughly, and we are shaping the figure: tutorial-pendientes-steampunk-Tienda-online-Metro-4


We will have something like this with a bit of practice:


And if you want you can decorate them even more, We bring you some idea:tutorial-pendientes-steampunk-Tienda-online-Metro-9

We hope you have fun!



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